Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Myth of the Power of PR

We, the flacks, have achieved an almost mythical level of efficiency. In many ways it is merited in a negative manner. Most of the time it is overblown by the public.

We do not move mountains we shift them slowly and with great dignity. Our clients expect that from us and fear the sudden realization that our few words have suddenly changed their world. That love hate relationship we maintain with the press is also fearful of that power because they do not want to be that far out there.

A good journalist knows that his claim to fame lies in shifting the spotlight away from himself and onto the story. many have forgotten that and they become the pundits we all look for. They became that way for two reasons, the clarity of their analysis and the support of our clients. It is a precarious perch they inhabit, constantly shaken by the realities of a world gone nuts.

You may be right because the PR guy put you in the light, but you may just as easily be wrong and believe me, more often that not, the PR guy pointed out that you lack clothing.


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